Advantages of Iron Security Doors

When deciding on a door for their new homes, most people opt for the wooden over iron doors. This is simply because of the belief that wooden doors are easier to curve into any desired design. The truth, however, is that the iron security doors are way superior even when it comes to design. Through handcrafting and plasma cutting, it is now possible to come up with any design imaginable on an iron door. In this post, we shall focus on the key factors that make iron security doors better.

Durability is indubitably the key benefit of using iron security doors over those made of other materials. How about rusting? You may ask. In the modern age, the iron used in making these doors is an alloy which has been treated rigorously to prevent rusting. What is more is that the iron is powder coated for added protection from rust. Iron doors can hence withstand the attacks of both water and termites. Moreover, these doors do not break as easily as wooden doors.

The last thing you would want for your security door is for it being knocked down or its parts dismantled by an enthusiastic burglar. This is not the case with the iron security gates. Instead of using bolts and nails, the parts are welded in or riveted. There is no way of dismantling the parts. In addition to that, the iron doors are reinforced to withstand a force exceeding 500 pounds of direct force. The doors are further fitted with high quality bolts, security grilles, and locks. Generally speaking, these doors are indestructible.

The iron security doors come in an unlimited selection of elegant colors and designs. This has been made possible by handcrafting and plasma cutting. The craftsmen can forge the metal into anything they perceived in their mind or one communicated to them by the client. The best thing is that these designs do not compromise the integrity of the door.

Tree cutting has been banned in most countries. As a result, the supply is low hence the high cost of timber. More often than not, iron security doors are cheaper than the wooden doors. What is more is that these doors are designed to last a lifetime. Therefore, you will never have to worry about maintenance and repair costs.

Iron doors require no maintenance to sustain their quality. This is particularly so when dealing with wrought iron. The only thing you will need to do is repaint the doors when changing the color of your house.

Environmental benefits
Unlike wooden doors, iron security doors can be recycled and hence save the natural resources. Their long-life also ensures no dumbing into the environment.

Everything about iron security gates is admirable. This is the only door you will never have to worry about insecurity when using. Even with the reinforced wooden doors, you will have doubts about their ability to withstand direct force. Where durability and security is a concern, tests have shown that iron doors are the best.


Author: Don Best

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